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Staff Testimonials

  • I have been using bay resourcing for quite a few years now and have always found them reliable, consistent and professional in all aspects of my dealings with them as a supply teacher. One of the best agencies I have used. Many thanks for your help and support over the years timothy

  • Very good company to work for with friendly staff

    Morgan ,
  • I started working for Bay Resourcing in the summer, since then I have pretty much been booked on a full-time basis at a school within walking distance from my home. Bay makes it so easy to accept bookings (even last minute) via the texting and online system that they have in place. I love the kind, caring and professional staff that I have encountered at Bay, available sometimes even on a Sunday!

    Christina ,
  • I have been working for Bay Resourcing here and there for over 2 years. I first started as a student teacher and I couldn’t have asked for a better agency to begin my supply work with. They were supportive, and the easy and fast booking system was so easy and convenient. Bay Resourcing are partnered with lovely schools that I love teaching in, and I am looking forward to working with them more and more in the future .

    Caitlin ,
  • Bay Resourcing is a committed, supportive and friendly agency. I have been working exclussively through Bay for the last couple months, as they are able to provide me long term work that fits my individual and personal needs. They are available 24/7 and make it easy and efficient to accept bookings last minute or in advance. Out of all the agencies in Cardiff I would highly recommend working through Bay. They are professional but treat you as part of their own family and you will always HAVE work at your fingertips.

    Samantha ,
  • Bay resourcing have provided me with continuous work which has helped me develop relationships with schools across Cardiff. The booking system is great as it is convient and means you can accept jobs at any time of the day. As a agency they are also considerate, if I am not available I can notify the staff in which I will stop recieving job alerts. The holiday pay system is also a big positive for me as it means I recieve an income during holidays. Overall Bay Resourcing have been a pleasure to work for.

    Lydia ,
  • Dw i wedi bod yn gweithio trwy Bay Resourcing ers mis Medi a dw i wedi ffeindio'r cwmni yn helpgar ac yn gweithio'n galed i ffeindio gwaith cyson i fi fel Athrawes Cymraeg.

    Maxine ,
  • I have worked for Bay Resourcing now for 2 years. I have found the team of staff that they have to be totally efficient, effective, friendly and very easy to talk to. They answer every query quickly and proffessionally- they are fantastic. Payroll etc is so simple to understand and works well - timesheets etc are all computerised - you are paid every Friday and so far there's never been a problem!! I've had the opportunity to work in a variety of schools - some long term - others daily - they are very flexible and do their best to find you regular placements according to your specifications. I love working as a supply teacher in such lovely schools with the team at Bay Resourcing behind me. Diolch.

  • Bay is a great agency to work for. They have found me lots of work in fantastic schools in my local area. I also love their up to date texting booking system, which is really convenient and easy to use.

    Hannah ,
  • I’ve been doing supply work for Bay since June and I couldn’t be happier. The flexibility they’ve given to work and to also not work whilst studying is fantastic. Holiday pay has allowed me to get by over the holidays and the range of schools both locally and not so far away has further developed my skills in the classroom. I highly recommend Bay as a supplier of supply work!

    Mark ,
  • I have been with Bay Resourcing for several years and have had a good working relationship with them. The office staff are brilliant and help sort any questions or problems. The booking system, time sheets, payslips are all modern and easy to use.

    Jill ,
  • I have only recently registered with Bay, but already they've shown what a brilliant company they are. The office work incredibly hard to place you in schools, and support you through your placements. Not to mention they are absolutely lovely and a real pleasure to work for.

    Harriet ,
  • I have always found the office staff in Bay to be polite and helpful. I was impressed when I registered and had to complete a literacy assessment, Bay clearly have extremely high standards.

    Amy ,
  • I have worked exclusively for Bay Resourcing for a year as a Teaching Assistant and haven't needed to use any other agencies. I have enjoyed regular employment at some of the best local schools and the online system with texts to accept assignments is hassle free. I have found the Bay team really friendly and helpful whenever I've had to contact them. Thank you Bay!

    Joanne ,
  • Bay Resourcing are brilliant for providing both short term and long term supply positions. Through Bay, I have found two brilliant long-term jobs, one of which even resulted in a contract with the school I was working in. Because of this, I have found a job that I love. Additionally, the Bay staff are friendly and helpful, and the pay is very good, so I would thoroughly recommend Bay Resourcing to anyone.

  • Great agency, super friendly staff. Always at the end of the phone to help.

  • Very good communication and easy to get hold of if any problems! Take note of your preferences and try to accommodate them with regards to work and schools, brilliant pay.

  • I can thank Bay for their help in finding me work. They can find me as much work as I want in areas and keystages I want. They are understanding to their employees and willing to help. I have found working with them a pleasure. The

  • I switched agencies to join Bay after hearing about their up to date texting booking system. No early morning phone calls! I have had work every single day and the rates of pay are the best I’ve heard of. The women in the office are absolutely fantastic, they answer all your questions and are very helpful. I know I won’t be going to another agency anytime soon!

    Jessica ,
  • I have worked through BAY since September 17 on my first school assignment. Registering was easy and the staff are so helpful. They are at the end of the phone for any questions or support. Thank you to all at BAY

  • As a supply teacher I have been really impressed with the quick and easy service provided by Bay. Work is often offered in advance which means you are able to plan and budget ahead . Bay have also tried to place me in the same local schools when possible. Very few days where work is not offered and I like the simple text system.

  • Bay resourcing is a really good company to work for . They always got work avaliable. The members of staff are easy to talk to and understanding.

  • I have had nothing but a a positive experience with Bay resourcing. Anne and her hard working team have worked tirelessly and around the clock to get me the placements I have requested. The staff are kind, supportive and friendly and are able to offer a large choice of work in some lovely schools. It has also been extremely easy to work for Bay as there is no charge for payroll, plus they have the highest daily rate. They are by far the best agency I have worked for! I would recommend Bay to anyone wanting regular work and in a variety of schools.

  • I can't speak highly enough of Bay Resourcing.The staff are personable and efficient, often working late at night and first thing in the morning to ensure the best care. The online systems are very user friendly and give me ownership over my time, and the company have a huge range of schools to work with. A great company, who's stirling reputation is entirely deserved.

  • I have only not long signed up with Bay resources and they manage to find me local work straight away! They have been a great agency to work alongside with and the ladies who work there are so helpful.

  • I started working for Bay in 2015 when I began my undergraduate degree. Since then I have had regular work, within a variety of schools across South Wales. As a result of this, I have managed to build up strong relationships with various schools which will undoubtedly help me when I begin PGCE in September. I would highly recommend Bay as an agency to work for as they are professional, provide constant work and have helped me to build up my experience. Thank you

  • Bay resourcing is an amazing agency! Since registering I've had continuous work.

  • After being made redundant I was on the verge of quitting. I signed with Bay with no confidence but since then I have been in one school for over a month now and I feel confident it will lead me to a permanent contract. Thanks Bay for picking me up when I needed it.