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How to be Effective Fire Warden or Fire Marsal

This course is aimed at employees who undertake additional fire safety roles and responsibilities in the form of fire marshals or fire wardens as part of their daily duties.

Course description
The course is appropriate for employees who undertake additional specific roles and responsibilities as identified within your organisational fire safety management systems, fire risk assessment and emergency evacuation plans.

The course covers:

  •  The importance of effective fire safety procedures
  •  The legal position and the requirement for effective safety management systems that demonstrate statutory compliance
  •  what should be included in a fire policy and procedure
  •  the systems required to ensure the safety of vulnerable people such as employees or visitors with disabilities
  •  fire wardens and fire marshals and what their roles and responsibilities entail
  •  the fire triangle and the common causes of fire in the workplace
  •  top five fire hazards and how to manage them in a safe and effective way
  •  the different classes of fire and their meanings
  •  how to prevent the spread of fire and what you need to know to save lives in the event of evacuation
  •  fire measures, drills, signage, fire detection to aid in the safe evacuation of a building in the event of a fire and the uses of a range of firefighting equipment.